Advice in economic and labour market policy

I’ll advise you as a well-known expert with leadership experience and former upper echelon of the Federal Administration in recent economic and labour market policy issues.

My core area is labour market immigration from the EU/EFTA and other countries.

Consultancy on strategic planning regarding labour force and establishing Swiss residency for foreign enterprises:

Risks and opportunities associated with investments and residency

• in Switzerland
• in EU member states
• in EFTA member states
• in non-EU/EFTA countries
• after ‘Brexit’

Further developments in the EU
Free trade associations FTA

What can you expect ?

  • A wide network (economic associations, SME / International enterprises, cantonal economic ministries, employer and emloyee associations, and others)
  • Long leadership experience in various positions, federal offices and ministries
  • Years of experience as the Head of a Directorate with five divisions
  • Leadership expertise, with 200 employees in politically sensitive areas
  • Former member of the Federal Tripartite Commission regarding the Treaty of Free Movement of Persons with the EU
  • Member of the Board of the Association of Swiss Labour Market Authorities
  • Mandates considering labour market issues
  • Delegate to International Organizations (OECD, ILO, WTO etc.)

Your advantages

  • A realistic second opinion – thanks to my know-how in Swiss economic and labour market policy
  • Mediation in disputes and the negotiation of treaties