Economic and Labour Market Policy Advice Switzerland

Kurt Rohner



Economic and labour market policy adviser


Expert in the admission of foreign labour force
Free movement of persons TFP/EU/EFTA and others



3074 Muri b. Bern - Switzerland

+41 79 335 7644



Former member of the Board & Deputy Director of the
State Secretariat for Migration – SEM Berne
Head of Immigration and Integration Directorate
Federal Department/Ministry of Justice and Police

My long experience as an insider - Your advantage for success

  • Professional expertise in economic and labour market policy 
  • Long-standing experience of an insider in the upper echelon of the Federal Administration (SEM/SECO) 
  • Knowledge of the functioning of Parliament, Administration and Swiss Government
  • Wide experience in approaches to feasible solutions
  • Special political flair
  • Discretion